Captain Minnie Mouse is on her way to Disney Cruise Line

Captain Minnie Mouse is on her way to Disney Cruise Line

Margaret’s Staying Fit On A Disney Cruise

You don’t have to miss your workout just because you’re on vacation. There are plenty of ways to stay fit during your Disney Cruise Line vacation.

Margaret’s Top 5 Things To Do On A Disney Cruise

I tell people all the time that the reason I love a Disney cruise is because it is a real vacation. Here are 5 of my favorite to do on a Disney Cruise.

Saving For A Disney Vacation With Disney Gift Cards

Over the years I’ve come up with lots of creative ways to save up for my Disney vacations and by far my favorite way (and the most fun way) is buying Disney Gift Cards. Any time I have a few extra dollars I buy a couple and put them away until our trip. Disney Gift Cards are accepted almost everywhere on property at Walt Disney World and Disneyland as well as on board Disney Cruise. You can use them in the restaurants, in the shops, you can buy tickets with them and you can pay your resort bill with them.


You can also use Disney Gift Cards to pay on your trip. I have many clients that after they’ve amassed a couple hundred dollars in gift cards will send me the card numbers and I’ll call those in to Disney.

Disney Gift Cards are also a great way to control the kids spending while at the same time making them feel special. Give them their own $10, $15, etc. card every day or two that they can use for souvenirs or snacks. You can also reload the cards at pretty much on property retail or resort location


Disney Gift Cards make a great gift for family and friends to give the kids (and grownups!!) for their Disney vacation.

Disney Gift Cards are available pretty much anywhere gift cards are sold. I usually buy them at Target with my Target Red Card and save 5% or at my local grocery store because it gets me extra ‘fuel points’.


They’re always coming out with new designs making it fun to see how many different ones you can collect. You can also find different designs, design your own with photos and special occasions cards on the Disney Gift Card website at

On the Disney Gift Card website you can also can also consolidate multiple gift cards on to one making it easier to carry.

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