While there is no official information about the reopening of Walt Disney World and Disneyland, I think we can get an idea of what to expect in the initial phases of the opening of the parks by watching what happens as Shanghai Disney Resort opens tomorrow.

These are two videos explaining the procedures in place for Shanghai Disney Resort from guest arrival and entry to the on-ride experience.

Remember that this is Phase One in China – the procedures at the US parks may be different as they learn from Shanghai and the procedures will evolve as we enter later Phases.

Also note that some things in these videos, like the government ID and Green ID QR Health Code, are unique to China.

To me this is all exciting, positive information and reminds me that we’re close to the end of this.

As soon as I know any official information about the opening of the Disney Parks, I’ll share it here.

* I want to reiterate that anything you’re seeing or hearing on Facebook, blogs, news sites, etc. about the opening of Walt Disney World or Disneyland is pure speculation and rumor – there is no official information at this time other than the phased opening of Disney Springs on May 20th.

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