Like so many small businesses, when the Coronavirus emergency hit, I went from having the best year ever to nothing almost overnight.  I only get paid after people travel, so with the theme parks closed, the cruise lines closed, and air travel drastically curtailed it’s been a little tough.

But the good news is this will be over soon. When it ends, people are going to want to travel and that’s where I need your help to reach more families.

Could you take just a minute to share my Facebook page or website with your friends or leave a review on Google – I’ve got instructions on how to do all that at the bottom of this message.

During this down time, I’ve been staying busy working on trips for later this year and in to 2021.  I’ve been stocking up on supplies.  I’ve even finished the required testing to add Certified Travel Agent (CTA) to my certifications.

I truly do appreciate you and your family and can’t wait to work you again and with your friends

As always, if you need anything or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Have a magical day and I’ll see you real soon!


My website is

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Margaret Caffey - No Fee Disney Travel Agent Facebook Page

Margaret Caffey – No Fee Disney Travel Agent Facebook Page

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Margaret Caffey - No Fee Disney Travel Agent Facebook Page

Margaret Caffey – No Fee Disney Travel Agent Facebook Page

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Of course, the easiest way for people to find me is to Google Margaret Caffey or Mouse Fan Margaret – and all my links will show up.

If you’re to ready start planning your family’s Disney vacation, if you need more information or if you just want to ask a question call me at 901-828-6354, email or use the Send Margaret A Message‘ button.

Remember there is never any additional cost or fee for using my services.

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