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Margaret & David at the Magic Kingdom

Understanding Walt Disney World discount offers can be confusing. In this post I explain everything you need to know.

I always tell the families I work with to book their Walt Disney World trip within their budget.  Don’t book more than you feel comfortable with, thinking that the price will go down later when Disney releases a discount.  There is never any guarantee that Walt Disney World will issue discounts and the ones they are offering are getting fewer and more restrictive.   Book within your budget, and then if we are able to apply a discount down the road, use the savings to upgrade your room or resort, buy more ice cream or enjoy some more expensive meals.

That being said, one of my jobs as your Disney Vacation Planner is to always be on the lookout for new discount offers that could save you money on your vacation.

When Disney does have a new offer, I’m on the phone with them countless times over the first couple of days after it is released working to get any available discounts applied to my clients’ vacation packages.  As soon as I have information about any available discount for your specific vacation package, I’ll let you know.  Many times people will see news of a new Walt Disney World discount offer on the internet and wonder why they haven’t heard anything from me – it’s only because I’m working the phones with Disney.

Here are some important things to remember about Walt Disney World discount offers:

* When Walt Disney World releases a discount offer it does not apply to all rooms at all resorts – it only applies to ‘unsold rooms’ and only at certain resorts.  That means if there is not an unsold room available at your resort that I can switch you to you may not be eligible to get the discount.  Sometimes I may ask you to consider changing room types or resorts in order to get a discounted rate.

* The most common type of Walt Disney World discount offer is what we call a ‘room only’ discount which offers a percentage off the cost of your resort hotel room.

* Just because I’m not able to get you a discount when something new is announced doesn’t mean I stop trying.  Many times, Disney will release more rooms over the course of the discount so I’m regularly checking to see if something is available.

* Many times, Walt Disney World will release two different discount offers at the same time that have overlapping dates – part of my job is determining which one is the best value for your family.

* Free Dining sounds great but is not always the best offer because you have to pay full price for the room – many times a room discount offer, along with purchasing a meal plan is the better deal.  Again, part of my job is helping determine which offer is the best one for your family.

Note: Walt Disney World is not offering Free Dining at this time

* Most Walt Disney World discount offers are going to include some types of restrictions or requirements such as a minimum nights stay, a certain type of theme park ticket or others.  Always ask me for details.

There are some other types of Walt Disney World you need to be aware of:

A PIN Code Sent Via Email or ‘Snail Mail’

If you’ve been to Walt Disney World in the past or if you’ve set up an account on the Walt Disney World website in the past, you may receive an email or mailer with a code for a discount.  These offers may be different from or outside of other current offers.

If you get one of these codes and want to book a trip, let me know.  I can absolutely apply that code to a vacation I book with you.

If you get one of these codes and already have a trip booked, let me know.  I’ll check with Disney to see if the offer is better than what you already have and get it applied to your package if it is.

It is important to remember with these PIN codes that they are only valid for the person whose name and mailing address is on the postcard or email.  The package must be booked in that person’s name and it only applies to their room.  You can’t share or pass along the code to someone else to use.

In Room Bounce-Back Offer

Not seeing a lot of these lately, but you may find a flyer in your Walt Disney World resort room offering a discount on a future Walt Disney World vacation package.  If you even think this is something you want to do, call me and I’ll take care of everything.

REMEMBER – to take advantage of this you have to do it BEFORE you check out.  It is not valid once you check out.  Again, even if you just think you might want to take advantage of this offer, call me before you check out so we can discuss it and set it up.

Military Discounts

Walt Disney World (and Disney Cruise Line) offer some great discounts for active and retired military with valid military ID.  This one takes a couple of extra steps, but it’s easy and I do it regularly.

If you think you might be eligible for a military discount, let me know and I’ll check it out before we book your trip.

As always, if you have questions about any of this – just reach out to me.  That’s my job and I’m always glad to answer any questions.

If you’re to ready start planning your family’s Disney vacation, if you need more information or if you just want to ask a question call me at 901-828-6354, email or use the Send Margaret A Message‘ button.

Remember there is never any additional cost or fee for using my services.

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