Explore Japan with Adventures by Disney

Explore Japan with Adventures by Disney

Konnichiwa! Explore Japan with Adventures by Disney

Discover Japan, the island nation that embodies its ancient culture while embracing the modern world. From an isolated mountain village to Tokyo, the capital city where sacred shrines stand in the shadow of skyscrapers, you’ll become immersed in the people and customs of this proud country on an amazing Adventures by Disney family vacation.

This adventure visits Kyoto, Hiroshima, Takayama and Tokyo

This trip includes 10 days, 19 meals and 26 sites

Some highlights of the Japan adventure include:

KYOTO – Rickshaw Tour: Arashiyama & Bamboo Forest

Begin your amazing adventure with an exploration of the historic city of Kyoto from a traditional rickshaw. Tour the scenic streets of Arashiyama, a district on Kyoto’s western outskirts, as you learn about the city’s history and culture. You’ll also ride into the district’s renowned Bamboo Forest, a massive grove of manicured bamboo trees that are magical to see.

KYOTO – Bento Box Cooking Class

Experience the art of authentic Japanese cuisine as local instructors teach you how to create a traditional bento box with fresh, local ingredients.  Put your culinary skills to the test as you dine on the bento boxes you created during your cooking class.

Explore Japan with Adventures by Disney

Explore Japan with Adventures by Disney

HIROSHIMA – Hiroshima Peace Park

Visit this memorial park in the center of Hiroshima, which is dedicated to the memories of the victims of the atomic bomb that was dropped on August 6, 1945. Built on what was once the city’s busiest areas, it is now the scene of the A-Bomb Dome, the ruins of one of the buildings, as well as several memorials.

TAKAYAMA – Guided Food Tasting Walking Tour of Historic Takayama Market District & Calligraphy Lesson

Spend the morning exploring Takayama’s old town district with its beautifully preserved buildings and streets that date back to the 17th century. As you walk through the historic Takayama Market, you’ll stop to sample local fare that includes sake, dumplings, tofu, miso, sweet treats and aromatic coffee. You’ll also receive a hands-on lesson in the art of calligraphy.

TOKYO – Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony

While some tea ceremonies can last for hours and follow strict guidelines, the Happo-en tea house offers a more informal ceremony in a serene setting that allows you to follow the ritual and still feel steeped in Japanese culture.

The Japan Adventure is offered April – late October.

Both family and adult exclusive trips are available.

All Adventures by Disney vacations include:

– Adventure Guides

Become part of the story as you experience amazing destinations with the expertise and guidance of 2 Adventure Guides who attend to every detail of your travels as well as make recommendations for family meals and things not to miss during your adventure.

– Authenticity

Engage with the people, cultures and traditions in ways that show you more than just the sights. With your Adventure Guides and local experts, you’ll see the world as only Disney can show it to you.

– Hassle-Free Travel

Whatever your adventure—a family trip to Italy, a Boston Escape or an Adult-Exclusive Rhine River Cruise—you can be sure that when you travel with Adventures by Disney your trip will include transportation, transfers, snacks and an array of amenities that will ensure your vacation is hassle-free.

– Insider Access

When you travel with Adventures by Disney, you’re getting a backstage pass to the world. All of our vacation packages offer VIP access to extraordinary locations and special experiences that aren’t available to the general public that will provide a lifetime of memories to cherish with your family.

– Family Fun

Discover an amazing array of unique activities—from adventures to enjoy as a family to special adult experiences to tailor-made fun for Junior Adventures that will create unforgettable memories to share for a lifetime.

– Outstanding Accommodations

Whether it’s a 5-star hotel in Paris or a luxury lodge in a South African game reserve, you can expect well-appointed, comfortable accommodations that achieve the Disney standard of excellence you can expect throughout your Adventures by Disney vacation.

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