WiFi on Disney Cruise Line

WiFi on Disney Cruise Line

Is there Wi-Fi on Disney Cruise Line?

Yes, wi-fi is available on all Disney Cruise Line ships.  The service is provided by Connect @ Sea and there is a charge for using the wi-fi based on megabytes used.

You have the option to purchase a package of MBs at the start of your cruise.  There are currently three options – 100 MB, 300 MB and 1,000 MB.  Additionally, you can simply pay by the MB (but I wouldn’t suggest that – it will get away from you).

You can share these packages with other members of your party – you just need to share the log-in information.

I know I’m going to work during my cruise, so I always buy the 1,000 MB package at the start of the cruise.  For a shorter cruise, David and I will share that package and add on if needed.  For 7-night sailings we usually just each buy a 1,000 MB package because we know we’ll use it.

You can add more MBs during the cruise if you need to.

Connect @ Sea is fairly easy to set up and use on your phone, tablet or computer.  The app keeps a running log of your usage.  Before your cruise I’ll provide with an information sheet that explains how to set it up, but there is a Connect @ Sea desk on every ship if you need help.  If you haven’t used it before, I would suggest going to the Connect @ Sea desk on embarkation to let them help you.

The Connect @ Sea desk isn’t open all the time; if it is closed you can go to Guest Services and they will be glad to help you.

Speaking of embarkation day – on that first day you can get 50 MB free to sort of try it out.

You don’t have to get Connect @ Sea on the first day – you can add it at any time.

Understand that you are on a ship in the middle of the ocean and this is satellite wi-fi. It works fine and I’ve never had a problem, but sometimes it may work better than others.  You may also find it works better in certain areas of the ship.

It’s always subject to change, but here is the most current pricing for the packages – 100 MB is $19.00, 300 MB is $39.00 and 1,000 is $89.00.  The per minute cost is $0.25.

In addition to the wi-fi for accessing the internet, there is a free on-board intranet so guests can use the Disney Cruise Line app during their sailing.  The app also allows you set to up a messaging system to stay in touch with your party.

What about using my phone on the ship?

I always tell my cruise families to switch their phones to airplane mode once they board the ship (or at least as soon as the ship starts to sail away).  If you’re not careful you can run up a huge bill because your phone does something called ‘roam at sea’.

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