Everything You Need To Know About Disney Genie

Everything You Need To Know About Disney Genie

Everything you need to know about the new Disney Genie service including information about the programs replacing FastPass.

Any of this can and may change at any time – always check with me for the latest information.

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What is Disney Genie?

Disney Genie is a new digital service that is part of the My Disney Experience app available at no additional cost. The service is designed to help plan your day at the Walt Disney World theme parks, including a personalized itinerary that maps out the entire day based on your preferences. Disney Genie will display current AND forecasted future wait times.

How Much Does Disney Genie Cost?

The basic Disney Genie service is free to all guests visiting Walt Disney World.

What is Disney Genie+?

Disney Genie+ is an option within the Disney Genie service for expedited entry to certain attractions via the Lightning Lane.

How Much Does Disney Genie+ Cost?

Disney Genie+ is $15 per ticket per day at Walt Disney World and $20 per ticket per day at Disneyland.

At Disneyland, PhotoPass photos are included with Disney Genie+.

What are Individual Attraction Purchases?

Attractions not included as part of Genie+, will require an individual attraction purchase for access into the Lightning Lane. At Walt Disney World there will be two Individual Purchase Attractions at each them park.  Prices will range from $7 – $15 per person.  Prices will vary based the attraction, theme park and date.

If I don’t want to buy Genie+ or individual attraction purchases, can I still ride?

All attractions will still have a standby queue. The exception is Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure – it will offer a virtual queue and Lightning Lane access only.

When does Disney Genie and Genie+ launch?

Disney Genie+ will launch October 19, 2021 at Walt Disney World and later this year at Disneyland.

What is the difference between Genie and Genie+?

Disney Genie is the planning service that creates itineraries and is free for all visitors. Genie+ is a paid option to provide Lighting Lane access to certain attractions.

What is a Lightning Lane?

The Lighting Lane is the new name for the expedited access queue and can be accessed via Genie+ at participating attractions, or via an Individual Attraction purchase at a limited number of high-demand attractions.

Is Disney Genie a new app?

No, Disney Genie will be accessed via My Disney Experience, the existing Walt Disney World app available for iOS and Android.

When can I add Genie+ to my ticket?

I will be able to add Disney Genie+ to your package when you book.

How many Disney Genie+ selections can I make?

You can make one selection at a time throughout the day. Once you use one, you can make another.

What If I Want to Park Hop?

Disney Genie+ will work for park hopping.

How many Individual Attraction purchases can I make?

You can schedule a time to arrive at up to two highly demanded attractions each day using the Lightning Lane entrance.

Do I have to buy Genie+ before I can make an Individual Attraction Purchase?

No. Individual Attraction purchases can be made via Disney Genie without needing the Genie+ add-on.

When can I purchase Individual Attractions for Lightning Lane access?

Guests at select Walt Disney World Resort hotels can purchase up to 2 individual attraction selections for Lighting Lane access at 7am on the day of visit. Other guests can make a purchase when the park opens.

When do I make Genie+ selections?

Guests staying at Walt Disney World resorts can make their first Genie+ selection at 7am each day for the theme park they have a reservation for.

Guests not staying at a Walt Disney World resort can make their first selection once they enter the theme park.

At Disneyland, guests can make their first selection after entering a theme park.

So no more making selections 60 days in advance?

You still must make park reservations (and dining) in advance, but Genie+ selections are all made day of.

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